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Hack App Data Pro Download APK for Android [Latest Version]


If you’re looking for the best Android app to hack an Android app, I’d like to introduce you to Hack App Data APK. It is a very well-known Android application that allows you to change the hidden data for any Android application. We all know that every time we install an Android application, the data file is also created with it and that the data file is made up of data from that application. However, you cannot access this data directly.

This tool was designed for fun to help you hack application data. It could display the data that was saved for an application in Android systems. It can also change/edit application data to increase your score, explore hidden features, etc. (especially for some offline games). Technically, it can view and change the data recorded in SharedPreferences and the data recorded in the SQLite database.

Hack App Data does exactly what the app name suggests. It gives you the ability to “hack” the various data applications write to your Android device’s internal storage or even to an SD card. In this sense, hack means to access and manipulate in a manner that is not intended by the developer of the application. Hack App Data is free software and there is no advertising in the app or similar elements.

When you start Hack App Data, a simple menu with four buttons appears: User Applications, System Applications, Backup List, and Help. User applications provide you with a list of applications that you have installed or deployed with your phone that can be uninstalled. System Apps offers a list of applications that are considered essential for the system. The backup list contains a list of the applications you backed up that you can use to restore them if you encounter a problem while editing.

Hack App Data APK

If a user application or system application has data on your device – and almost all of it – you can view that data with Hack App Data. The view has different meanings depending on the format of the data. Hack App Data can even read data if the data is video, music, or other media. This app also gives you the tools to change this data in many cases. This may be most useful if this data is stored in a text file or a database.

Hack App Data offers three types of information: basic information, settings, and database. Basic information shows general information about an APK file, e.g. B. Name, size, creation time, installation time, etc. The default setting shows the data stored in SharedPreferences, in which user settings are normally saved. However, other data such as high scores can also be saved there. The database gives you access to the entries that the application has stored in the SQLite database provided by Android.

Hack files also include help files that may be surprisingly robust. A person with the technical ability to use this application will find their first experiences a little easier thanks to these instructions. Note that this is not an occasional app. You need some technical knowledge of the Android environment to use this app.

Hack App Data requires root privileges. If your phone is not rooted, you can view the data in the application, but you cannot change it. It should also be noted that this application offers the possibility of damaging applications and even a full Android installation. There is a backup function, but recovery does not solve the problem in all cases.

Hack app data pro apk 700kb

With this tool, you can change or view the hidden data of any Android application or game. You can easily change your scores in games too. You can change your score to any number. With the help of the Hack App Data Serial key, you can view and edit the data files that are stored in the Shared Preferences and SQLite databases. There are two hacking modes available in this application, namely dynamic and static hacking. In the dynamic. You can perform storage maneuvers and have the data file in the SharedPreferences & SQLite database changed in static form.

In this article, we share the Pro version of the Hack App Data Registration key, which is compatible with rooted and non-rooted devices. In addition, you won’t see any announcements in the Pro version. If you want to download this app, you can download it in the download area below. We have personally checked the app and it works perfectly.

Hack-App-Data-Serial keys

Key Features of Hack App Data APK

  • This application is free, you don’t have to pay anything.
  • There are no ads in the Pro version.
  • This app is compatible with rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • There are two hacking modes: static and dynamic.
  • No additional authorization.

Pros and Cons


  • You can edit and view the hidden data file in any Android application.
  • You can change your score in the game by changing the game data file.
  • This app is free.
  • Even non-rooted devices can use this app.


  • Storage piracy is considered a dangerous task and is strongly recommended.
  • There are fewer functions available for a non-rooted device compared to a rooted device.


How to install Hack App Data APK?

  • Download APK And App Data
  • Extract data files into the Android/Obb directory
  • Install APK
  • Done!

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